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  • Chantilly Jaggernauth

Viz Design Secrets: Modern Social Marketing Dashboard

Recently, I created a Social Media Marketing Dashboard at my company, Lovelytics, that incorporates a modern neumorphism design. Something particularly unique about this dashboard is the ability to display it in light or dark mode. Check out this unique feature in the short clip here:

Today, Lovelytics and I hosted a webinar where I explained the construction of the dashboard from beginning to end. I specifically wanted to show users all of the secrets behind the dashboard. The webinar focused on the following design topics:

  1. Creating a Neumorphism Design (

  2. Creating a Template (

  3. Using Background Images in Tableau

  4. Creating a Toggle Button to Change the Background Image from Light to Dark

  5. Highlighting and Changing the Chart Colors Based on a Parameter Selection

Check out the recording of the webinar below:

Interact with the Dashboard

Click the image to view the dashboard on Tableau Public

Want More?

Interested in viewing additional business and modern dashboards? Follow us on Tableau Public.

Happy Vizzing!

Chantilly Jaggernauth


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