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  • Chantilly Jaggernauth

Viz Design Secrets: Creating and Embedding the Investment Suite Dashboard

A few weeks ago, I created an Investment Suite Dashboard at my company, Lovelytics, that incorporated two financial dashboards - Investment Performance and Investment Comparison. After publishing the dashboards to Tableau Server, I worked with our internal web development team to embed the dashboard within a custom portal for Finance users to view. The overall goal of this portal was to provide end users with a one-stop-shop for analysis, financial documentation and company contact information.

Check out the video below which highlights the functionality of the portal:

Today, Lovelytics and I hosted a webinar where I explained the construction of the dashboard as well as the embedding process. I specifically wanted to show users all of the secrets behind the dashboard and the tools needed to create their own custom portal.

Here's a preview of the tools needed:

Check out the recording of the webinar below:

Interact with the Dashboard

Click the image to view the dashboard on Tableau Public

Want More?

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Happy Vizzing!

Chantilly Jaggernauth


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