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  • Chantilly Jaggernauth

Viz Design Secrets: Modern Sales Dashboard

Recently, I created a Sales Dashboard at my company, Lovelytics, that incorporates a modern UI design. There were many questions from the community on how to achieve the interactivity as well as the various visual elements of the dashboard. To answer those questions, Lovelytics and I hosted a webinar where I explained the construction of the dashboard from beginning to end. The design process discussed during the webinar followed the 5 Design Secrets for a Non-Designer:

  1. Gather Requirements

  2. Create a Template (

  3. Incorporate Icons (

  4. Choose Colors that Matter

  5. Keep Fonts Simple

For each element above, I provided details on how to implement them within Tableau and Figma (UI design tool). These guidelines were specifically created while keeping the "non-designer" in mind. Check out the recording of the webinar below!

Interact with the Dashboard

Click the image to view the dashboard on Tableau Public

Want More?

Interested in viewing additional business and modern dashboards? Follow us on Tableau Public.

Happy Vizzing!

Chantilly Jaggernauth


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