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Design Secrets for a Non-Designer: 2019 Tableau Conference Recap and Blog Launch

2019 Tableau Conference Recap

At the 2019 Tableau Conference, I had the pleasure of presenting Design Secrets for a Non-Designer. The goal of my presentation was to share visualization design processes and concepts for creating stunning dashboards in Tableau. Attendees walked away learning the 5 design process elements:

  1. Purpose (Gathering Requirements)

  2. Flow (Creating Templates)

  3. Art & Icons

  4. Color

  5. Typography

For each element above, I provided guidelines and examples that detailed how to execute them in Tableau. These guidelines were specifically created while keeping the "non-designer" in mind. Check out the full presentation video below!

Design Secrets for a Non-Designer Blog Launch

To continue providing non-designers with examples and use cases using the 5 design elements, I am excited to announce the launch of the Design Secrets for a Non-Designer blog. On a frequent basis, I will use this blog to create or edit a visualization in Tableau and specifically show how I've incorporated these 5 elements into my final design.


"Anyone can be a designer. It's not something you're born with. It's not something exclusive to a select few. All it takes is practice while keeping a few design secrets in mind."

Want More?

Interested in learning these concepts in a hands-on workshop? Be sure to check out the Design Secrets for a Non-Designer 2020 workshop schedule! Hope to see you soon!

Happy Vizzing!

Chantilly Jaggernauth


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